GAIT4Dog Treadmill

Instrumented Treadmill

Endurance Training
Designed for Heavier Dogs
Continuous Measures

  • Minimal floor space with 8″ X 72″active Area. Equipped with 3/8″ sensors.

  • Intended for use with medium size 4 legged animals that weigh a minimum of 15 pounds with Paw – Hoofs that  will activate at least 5 sensors.

  • Data can be collected at any incremental speed sustained by the animal for solid continuous measures. Does not require placement of any devices on the animal.

  • Uses an MS Access database allowing for seamless storage and retrieval of subject data. Compatible with any Microsoft Windows Desktop or Laptop and connection via a USB Port.

  • Includes 30fps HD camera and ability to email appropriate videos.

  • Data can be exported in various files format for further analysis and/or integration with other systems


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