Multi-Language Integration

Ready For Localization

This theme is ready to be translated out of the box! All texts within the theme have been properly adapted so that they can be translated on the fly using gettext. This means you can easily convert it to your native language by using a tool like PoEdit, without having to do any of the programming. Alternatively, you can take advantage of WPML to easily translate all the texts directly from the WordPress admin.

Spanish Translation Included

Since the Spanish language is also one of the most used in the whole world, we also provide a translation for it right out of the box. You can get the theme and install on a localized version of WordPress, and it will automatically display everything in Spanish. You don’t need to take any additional steps as you would do with an English WordPress installation.

WPML Integration

The theme also features seamless integration with WPML, the de-facto plugin for creating multilingual websites. You can create entirely independent sites for each language, catering to the specific needs of your users across different countries. This creates a smooth experience for those who want to go international.


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